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Ivan Papusha is a computational scientist and engineer. He is currently a senior analyst and data subject matter expert in Washington, D.C., with over a decade of research and development experience in autonomy, air and space systems, artificial intelligence, formal methods, mathematics, and control theory. His (running) mission is to seek out the beauty of and solve problems that demand a degree of computational craftsmanship—through the application of computer code, interplay of sensing, data, modeling, simulation, and novel interaction of the cyber and physical worlds.

With interests that span a variety of technical and policy domains, he is driven to push the boundaries of technology: he has designed sensitive scientific instruments that flew aboard NASA aircraft and spacecraft; verified aircraft collision avoidance algorithms with the FAA; developed high performance physics, image processing, and computational geometry algorithms; and wrote software to find efficient interplanetary trajectories. On Earth, he has built accurate clocks and contributed to data policy.

He has a PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems from Caltech, and BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He is a recipient of the NDSEG Fellowship, is a member of the IEEE, and the founder and CEO of Subgradient.